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How to Ensure a Seamless Research Paper

It is indeed very irritating and aggravating for people, especially for students, to see their research paper being returned by their professor for a major revision. It seems that all those sleepless nights of hard work and dedication are put to waste. Time, money and effort have been invested only to find out it is not approved. You ask yourself “Why?”, “What is wrong?”, “Where did I lack?” and etc. 

There could be a number of reasons why your research paper is not approved, worse term, rejected. Here, we will give you tips that are very vital to create that seamless research paper we all aspire.
Find an interesting topic

This is the primary and most important part in starting a research paper, to have a topic to study. Make sure that the topic is relevant, informative, and interesting.

  • Relevance – does your topic hold bearing to what is currently happening in the world or even for the future?
  • Informative – what will people know about your research? Is it important?
  • Interesting – refrain from choosing a topic, as much as possible, that is not interesting to people and most importantly to you. You sure don’t want to puke while writing your research paper. It is best when you enjoy and display interest in what you are doing. So start thinking of a topic; begin by asking yourself, ‘’what is it that I would want to know?

Focus on that 파워볼사이트 topic

The problem with an incoherent research paper is that the author or the researcher is not focused on the areas the topic revolve. For example, if you would want to research about the effects of music to memory, then the whole research should revolve about different music and test it with memory (depending on your research methodology). It will be a poor research design if you include the effects of dance steps to memory. It does not follow.
Make sure your 파워볼전용사이트 research is SMART

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Timely. In this way, you know where you are going and will have no future problems. SMART helps to aid in a smooth and continuous research paper. 
The parts of the research should relate to the goal of your study

The Statement of the problem must relate to the topic. The Title must relate to the topic. The Rationale and every part of the research paper should be related to the main topic. Most importantly, the Review of Related Literature and Studies must contain previous researches and writings of previous authors whose works are closely linked and related to your own research paper. If again, the topic is about the effects of music to memory then the Review of Related Literature may contain previous studies about memory and music.
Sure, for students, a research paper may be a hassle at times. When our research papers are returned by our professor, we may feel sad, but we should always remember that a seamless research paper is that one that is a product of your genuine hard work and dedication. 

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